After the rain

With the COVID19 positive case numbers rising in Seoul and the rain falling like it’s the end of the world. We decided to stay home today. Kaden went out for just a little bit to buy a used item but other than that, we are all still home. Plan to stay home and not do anything for the rest of the night.

This was taken outside my window. I’m just here in the study room with Kaden, re-organizing our Apple Music playlists. I still have to finish my Plate by Zumba® course but I really can’t concentrate with all the playing and yelling and crying going on.

The COVID19 positive cases in Seoul are a serious problem right now. Everyone is really worried and I am very worried as well. There was even a case of a “run-away” patient in the Jong-ro district. Apparently he ran away from the hospital because he thought the hospital had poisoned his Kimchi soup. WTF.

I was really scared because when all that happened, I was near the area. Not close but within the district. I had to pick up my passport from the Canadian Embassy and so I was pretty freaked out that day. I felt sick the next day and then Andrea and Tyler felt sick. Tyler even had a runny nose so we were all really freaking out. But then when I called the 1339 for people who think they might have COVID19 symptoms, the very nice lady said to me that she thinks its just a cold. We all didn’t have a fever so I guess that was a big part of the “not-COVID” point she was really emphasizing.

On Friday morning, the three of us went to the clinic in front of our apartment condo and got check ups. The nice doctor said we all had colds and that the only thing different myself and my children was the tightness in my throat. We looked at many different things and she figured it was my lack of sleep and the quality of sleep I was getting. I’ve been on sleeping pills before (the very mild kind) because I was having trouble sleeping but this time it was a little bit different. But like magic, after the first night, I felt fine. The tightness in my throat and neck was gone and I was feeling better.

I also had a really bad headache but that was done too.

Anyways, Tyler’s runny nose is gone and Andrea feels better too. The in-laws and our whole family is going to stay home and order food for dinner.