Kaden and I had lunch together near his workplace the other day. We went to a restaurant called AFTER WORK 33. The had nice staff, they also had great food, according to all the reviews on

So we went, actually I went at 11:40AM ish and got a table for the two of us. It looked like the place was full at around 11:50AM.



When the salad came out, it seemed like the AMOUNT of food they served was…. lets say it was a bit disappointing at first.

The ROSE pasta was OK. It tasted like they put spicy RAMEN noodle soup flakes in it. You know the soup base seasoning salt that goes into instant RAMEN noodles. Up to this point, I wasn’t as pleased as I wanted to be.

Then the steak came and it was just a totally different world. The meat was tender. The veggies were cooked so perfectly and the saltiness of everything on this plate was so nicely balanced that I couldn’t believe how well this dish was served! I mean the plating was even beautiful with all these different colors just boosting my tastebuds!

They also serve a dish that’s an oven roast, but that must be pre-ordered when you make a reservation. It takes a long time to roast but maybe next time I go, I might call ahead and order it to see what their other dishes taste like!