To have all of your pictures and videos disappear in one day can seriously do harm to your mental health. Well, that’s what happened to me last week. I lost everything. Literally EVERYTHING. The backup drive that I had to backup this computer and all of my files just lost it and went poof. I was able to take it to professionals and get most of it restored. Except for one folder.

The most important folder of all was gone and could not be recovered.

It was the iPhone pictures and videos backup folder. Ever since Josh was born I had all of my pictures and videos backed up on the computer and then moved to a certain folder. However, that folder was the one that got lost and now I have lost my little monsters videos.

I made me so sad at first but now I’m thankful I didn’t loose the DSLR pictures and videos. At least I have that to work with.

But still…. I’m still in shock.

I’m in shock but have learned my lesson. Backup EVERYTHING twice.