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balayage, ombre, seoul korea

So as some of you may already know, I had an ombre done last October. At by MJ.

She is literally the best color artist in Korea. I can say that with pride.

Anyways. My color had worn off and I was just keeping it as blonde as I can with just some purple shampoo.

I thought it was time I went in for a trim and some highlights so I let the kids have their fun with Kaden and went to HONG DAE early in the morning.

(Really early. As in, 8 AM EARLY).

This is my before and after. Crazy eh?

ombre, balayage hightlights, studio monique, hongdae, 발레아쥬, 옴브레, 홍대 미용실

I didn’t even show MJ what I wanted my hair to look like but she just read my mind and gave me this.

These are shots I took that day, when I got home.

And then Josh took these while we were at the park.

With the color adjustments, my hair looks so cool!!!!!!

Then there’s this one Kaden took of me at the Han River.

Overall I love my hair so much I don’t wanna wash it.