Birthday Banners | Garland | Crown | DIY Party Decorations

It was Josh’s birthday yesterday and so I took the time to make some garlands and minions stuff to put up on the walls.

The garland/banners were a cut-out that I made and printed. You can also download then at the end of this post.

All you have to do is set the image as a background in WORD or Acrobat and type the letters on top, print, cut out and then fold along the dotted lines and tape it on the ceiling.


Like this

and like this!

The crowns are made by printing and then cutting them out, I put a sheet of clear coating sticker sheets on them before I cut them out.

I have also included a blank crown page so that you can put the blank part on the back side.


Click here to download banners/garland pdf files.

Click here to download the crowns pdf files.