BLACK Lives Matter

Over the past few days, on Instagram, I saw a never-ending feed of black squares. It started with the hashtag #blacklivesmatter

I took part in this hashtag relay to show my emotions and to support the events going on around the world. Then, on the next day, I took it down. I deleted the post and the image. Why? Because when I came to think about it more, uploading the image itself and that hashtag itself was a racist thing to do. Why do we need to show that ‘black” lives matter when we say all colors are equal and that all skin tones are precious lives? Why do we need to show a black square to show and bring out the word “black” in the first place? Why do we have to make this such a “black and white” thing when it could be any of us? The world and media is talking so much about anti-racist activism and yet no one is saying how if we are all equal, and every single life is precious, we should not put any kind of “color” into our comments and statements!


Then I thought about it even more. And you know what? BLACK LIVES DO MATTER. TO ME. TO ME, THEY DO.

Black lives don’t matter to some people. It’s those people who are being racist, ignorant and cruel. It’s those people that need to know that BLACK LIVES MATTER to us just like every other life on this planet. It’s em, people, with a stuck up head with no functioning brains that need to know that people with a dark skin tone matter to us, and should be treated the same as any other person on this planet, MATTER.

Image provided by Crayola

I was watching the international news with my first and second child last night. They saw the riots and demonstrations that were happening all over the world. They asked me why people were angry. I told them it was because of some things that other people did and said that led to an innocent person’s death.

I honestly don’t like explaining stuff like this to my kids. I don’t think anyone does. But here’s the thing. For children, this explanation is needed. It is required. Why? Because they don’t understand what’s going on. They don’t understand why the police (who obviously to kids is always the good guy) attached an innocent man and drove his life to an early ending. They don’t get it.

For adults, it’s very obvious what the situation is like and it is very obvious who the good buy and bad guys are.

I took that picture down so that who ever has been following me or any other person on Instagram, does not just see a feed of black squares but is able to read and listen to ACTUAL PEOPLE INVOLVED or AFFECTED by the situation say their word! So that their feed is NOT spammed by my black square but is filled with voices that REALLY and LITERALLY need to be heard. That is why.

All lives do matter. Every single soul on this earth is precious and special. However, right now, people need to know and it needs to be said to their face. BLACK LIVES MATTER. Because if you were one of those people who didn’t think that black lives matter and that they are precious too. Well it’s time I said it to your face! BLACK LIVES MATTER to me and it should to you too!!!