Breakfast log

Breakfast has never been an easy meal for me. It’s always the most difficult and longest meal of the day. I never actually ate breakfast until I started living with my parents-in-law. When I lived with my parents back home, my mom knew (and still knows) I eat a very small amount of food for breakfast. Just a very tiny slice of bread and a cup of milk, or a little bit of porridge rice soup is all I would eat for breakfast. Even when I was going to school, breakfast would just be a granola bar or a very small bowl of cereal. It was like that for me up to the age of 27.

However, it’s a very different situation at Kaden’s place. Kaden and his parents go full out for breakfast. They even have grilled pork belly for breakfast sometimes. I really couldn’t understand that during the first few years living with them. I knew my mother-in-law was being very considerate when she would go out during the afternoon to get different types of bread for me. If it wasn’t for me and my tiny breakfast menus, she wouldn’t have had to go for bread at all. But she did and I think that kind generous heart of hers is what made me change.

Before starting the Keto Diet program, I would have full out meals. Huge meals. Even for breakfast. If I was craving pancakes, I would go the extra mile and not just have pancakes but scrambled eggs, maple bacon and hashbrowns too. I would just make the whole set of side dishes and make it seem like we were eating at an all-day breakfast diner or something.

Now, ever since I started this Ket dieting program, I have been eating small amounts often so that I don’t run out of energy. I feel more energized and healthier than ever. I am also working out and making sure I get one Greek yogurt at least once every two days. I don’t actually follow all of the strict meals and calculations of Keto but I stay on the “level” it gives me LOL. I try and stay parallel to the “concept” of Keto.

These pictures of my breakfast meals were taken when I first started eating breakfast again in three months. It’s been four days since I started eating breakfast again and I’m kind of thinking of going back to not eating breakfast. I feel so heavy and I feel I have lost a sense of balance in my body for some reason.