I bought frozen Pastry sheets from Marketkurly . Everyone in our family really likes #Croffles. The new trend of waffles. #크로플 was originally started by a small cafe in Seoul. I believe it was Aufglet Cafe that started the big trend. The coffee shop that is near our house also has this on their menu but to pay ₩12000 KRW for a waffle isn’t really… Well, lets just say I’m not so up for it.

So I decided to look for different options and see if I could find something that was similar to it. So I bought pre-made croissant frozen sheets on Market Kurly and decided to go with that.

I saw online that I wasn’t the only one thinking this. While doing my research, I found that some people just placed the frozen croissants in room temperature for about ten minutes and then put them in the waffle maker. Cooked both sides evenly and WHA LA!!!!

Then I got a bit sick of them after two days and so I decided to have some bagels.