Brown Brothers Vintage Moscato Sparking Wine | Cold Storage Wine

I have found the LOVE of my life.

I love sweet wine. That’s why when I was in Vancouver, I would go out to Langley’s great and beautiful vineyards and buy ICE WINE or any kind of wine that was in a nice bottle, sweet and easy to gulp down.

I hadn’t thought about drinking wine in Singapore cause I’ve been breastfeeding Andrea (up until two weeks ago).

Then, I found this.

Brown Brothers Vintage Moscato Sparkling wine.

It’s sweet, it’s got that kick (the sparkling part), and that very subtle fruity taste that just makes it so smooth and easy to swallow.

I bought this one at Cold Storage for $9.80 a bottle (200ml).

The big bottle is about $23 (I don’t know how the exact ml for the big bottle).


But I’ve been drinking one of these almost every night for the past few days and it’s making my nights!!!!