Pottery | Bowls and Plates by bubbleandfall.co.kr

I am currently obsessed with bubbleandfall.co.kr a hand made ceramics shop in Korea.

I originally ordered a set of plates and bowls so that my in laws could bring everything when they came but they were made a bit later than expected.

The first half of the plates I ordered are in a box in Korea, at the in laws house.

The second half, they sent it to me here in Singapore.

This is what the packaging looked like.

How nicely packed are these puppies?!?!?!!!! Great eh?


No cracks, no breaks, tightly wrapped and boxed!

Aren’t these rice bowls cute?


I want to buy soooooooooooo many things from this site.

When I visit Korea next March, I feel like I’m going to have to visit their shop in KwangJoo!!!!