After finishing the Plate by Zumba™️ Coach program I wanted to make the change myself and test it out before I started uploading content. I also realized how much I needed to change my eating habits before doing anything. After getting my health examination results, I found I needed to be eating differently for anemia and for the blood sugar levels I had. I am not diabetic and I am in the safe zone range. However, it was found that my digestive system does not like to store and hold onto the different nutrients that my body needs. Rather, if it feels it’s too much of an effort for my body to take in and absorb, it’ll just let it out and let go of it through urine.

How great is that!? (Being sarcastic.) I not only have a hard time properly digesting food but if my body feels it’s too hard to keep up with the routine, it’ll just not do its job.

So, I talked to my physician and she gave me a list of things I needed to change. Stop the loads of carbs from unnecessary fatty foods like fried food and junk food. Eat healthy, fiber loaded 3 meals per day and make sure that I cut down on the foods that contain lots of flour, gluten and trans fat.

Instead of having a piece of bread or toast for breakfast, I would have baked sweet potatoes with some fruit.

Drink only one cup of coffee in the morning and that’s it. Nothing more. If I have to go out and meet someone, I would go for the caffeine free drinks.

I also made sure I didn’t get the feeling of “low energy”. Making sure I get enough of the good stuff so that I don’t crave the extra unnecessary other foods or snacks.

It’ has been more than a week. 8 days to be exact and it’s amazing how the body can quickly adjust to the change.

I feel much better and my body seems to be doing its job and storing the nutrients well. My body feels lighter and I don’t have cravings of sugar load foods or snacks.

I guess change is just hard to the mind, no the body.