Spicy Chilli Paste Soup | 고추장찌개

We have about 5 햇반’s in the cupboard right now from our Malaysia trip. I bought them just in case the kids didn’t eat well. I also took some instant soup so that I can just give them rice and soup. Or rice in soup but they didn’t eat any of this LOL

So I have like 5 that I have to get rid of. Then I thought… I SHOULD PACK THIS FOR KADEN’S LUNCH!!!!

But that was AFTER I heated one up and gave it to the kids hahahhahaha (so smart eh?).

Today I had Go Choo Jang Jji Gae (고추장찌개) for dinner.


I’m on this NO EATING AFTER 6PM DIET right now. Basically I just eat breakfast and lunch. That’s it. No snack, no dinner or anything after my lunch meal. But for the last 3 days… that hasn’t been going strictly as planned.

I got his menu from one of the Instagram super wives that I follow. @etoilemin is like a Super woman who makes these CRAZY meals for her husband EVERY DAY. Seriously. EVERY DAY she posts pictures of the table setting with all the food nicely placed. I feel like I wanna be her husband sometimes!!! Anyways, she also posts the recipes for her dishes and this was one of them.  I tried it out and it was quite good.

Her recipe is super simple too. All you need is Go Choo Jang(고추장) or chili paste (if you wanna call it that) 2 tablespoons, soy sauce 1 tablespoon, minced garlic 1 tablespoon, chili powder(고추가루) 1 tablespoon, pinch of pepper and some ginger powder (maybe a pinch or two).

Combine all the ingredients above, stir fry the choice of your meat (she used pork so I used pork belly) with this paste like sauce you just created. Once it starts to cook, add your stock. I used vegetable stock. Then add whatever kind of veggies you want. I added mushrooms, sliced onions, green spring onions, tofu at the end and a little bit of enoki mushrooms(팽이버섯) at the end.

I also had some of the left over side dishes from Kaden’s lunch box but I didn’t eat most of it. The MAIN was this Jji GAE!!!!! I was like scooping up this thing with my rice and just gulping it down. hahahaha

I guess I’ll have to get back on track with my diet tomorrow…..