Christmas Photos Part 1

All families have some kind of Christmas photo tradition. Whether it’s going to the mall to get pictures done with Santa Clause or getting pictures taken by the tree or fireplace. Every family has a Christmas picture tradition. Ours started just a little after Andrea was born back home (in Canada).

Our close friends gave us the gift of a photo session at their house as our Christmas present and that’s when it all started. We tried our best to keep it up and get our pictures taken. But in most cases, it was just the kids that got their pictures done. Every year we would use the photos when sending out Christmas cards. This year I wanted pictures of all five of us. So we tested out a “photo-session” right in our living room with just the kids to see if it could happen.

Josh didn’t want his finger and cast to show at first so all of his facial expressions weren’t bright. Kaden solved that by entertaining him while I took the pictures.

Andrea didn’t care. She loved being in front of the camera. She would do different positions and pose like a pro!

Then there was Tyler….. Oh by. I don’t know where to start with this one. It’s like he didn’t care. He didn’t want to have pictures taken and he just fooled around the whole time. So I just let him be. I got a few good ones but hopefully, we can get some good ones this weekend when we try again.



Josh eventually started to have fun too. I think he liked this picture the most!





Andrea. She was shy at first but she enjoyed it. She’s so photogenic!









And then the free-spirited little monster.





Yeap. Since he’s still a baby and it’s hard to control him. We just let him be~

Crossing my fingers for this weekend!