Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

So a couple of days ago I was on Youtube (I am addicted to Youtube right now) and as I was going through all the make up videos and hair styling videos, I came across an interesting subject. A lot of the girls online were posting videos of raw, extra virgin coconut oil and how it makes your hair super smooth and shinny! Sooooo the curious monkey that I am. I just had to try it out and see what it would do to my hair.



I went to cold storage and bought this coconut oil.


Its Vita CoCo’s cold pressed coconut oil.

It smelllssssssss soooooo nice!!!!

Anyways, I bought this and then went to Guardian and bought Glycerin BP.

Which looks like this.


So here’s how it’s done.

In a mixing bowl or a hair dye bowl, mix two table spoons of coconut oil, two table spoons of Glycerin and half a table spoon of honey.

Mix it well and then apply it to your hair.

Let it sit for about an hour (apparently works better if you wrap or cover your hair with a plastic bag or clear plastic wrap.

Then shampoo out the oil with a really good deep cleaning shampoo.

Then let your air dry (meaning no blow dryer).


I’ve only done this once, so I really don’t have a “WOW its awesome” review yet.

But when it was dry, it did feel much more smooth and had a shine to it than normal.



I’m going to try this out a couple of more times and see what it really does to my hair.





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