Coffee Cake Muffins (Starbucks Coffee Cake Copycat)

When I was young, I used to love to have a tall steamed milk and a slice of Starbuck’s Coffee Cake.

The ballet academy I used to go to had a Starbucks right beside it. They used to have these bakery snacks called “butter horns” and they were sooooo gooood.

Sweet, chewy and just so delicious!!! But when Starbucks didn’t sell them anymore they started selling Classic Coffee Cakes. They were sold by slices, square slices to be exact and I used to love having one right after ballet class.

As I got older, I forgot all about them until one day when I worked in downtown Vancouver, I stepped into Starbucks to see the “Classic Coffee Cake” sign make a comeback!!!

However, this was also just a seasonal menu. So, when I craved to have a sweet and salty coffee cake, I decided to do some research and make my own.

I like making them in a square cake pan but since I don’t have one right now here in Korea, I just used muffin pans and baked them as individual ones!

These are marble coffee cakes. I took the recipe from the online website and modified it a bit. I took the batter and divided it into two, then added cocoa powder (the unsweetened one) to half, mixed the two and baked it.

These make the perfect tea time or coffee time snacks!

The recipe can be found here