Color Hair Treatment by J-Soop

I really love my hair and how it’s always so well done by @_memymj

But I really needed change. I didn’t know where exactly I could make that change to. All I knew was that I needed change.

While searching the internet for hair products (I was actually looking for products that helped bleached hair better) I cam across J-SOOP(제이숲).

I knew I wanted to go more towards the cool tones like purple or blue but then this really caught my attention.

You can see it here on this link.

There are different colors like light brown, pink, and red but I went with BLUE. I did it twice with about a two weeks term in between sessions.

Right now, I love my hair. Its so pretty and unique that it really makes me look like me! I feel like me! I don’t think Kaden likes it though. He said he likes my hair blonde. But oh well. Too bad. I chose blue!