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I think it was when I was pregnant with Andrea when I read “Me Before You”. All my friends were talking about the book. It was a MUST READ. I was so excited to READ, I didn’t think about what the book was actually about. I was so amazed how Jojo Moyes pulled me into the book.

The way everything was described, the way the characters interacted, and how the story was never boring. Until the end.

I was so mad and annoyed about the ending it was… well let’s say I didn’t want to watch the movie when it came out.

Anyways, I didn’t know there was an after story. A sequel.

I was browsing to buy some stuff for the kids and there it was. At the top of the list.


I just had to buy it and read it. I didn’t care if I hated the ending of the first one. I wanted to know what happened. I wanted to know what happened to her. How she put her life story out and what she did to overcome the sadness and lost.

I’m only at page 20 and I’m already hooked. I wanna keep reading and reading but……. I literally just haven’t had time to.

Maybe tonight. After the kids fall asleep.