Coping and accepting COVID-19

It’s been two months since the news broke out about the Corona (COVID-19) virus here in Korea. It’s also been a month since we started this temporary break from school. Everyone was in shock at first, then everyone went through a stage of concern and anxiety. Then we all started to watch the news 24/7 with the hope that this would just all go away in a month. Then we all went into panic mode. Buying food and masks as if it was the end of the world.

Now, we have accepted the fact that COVID-19 lives with us. That it’s around us that anyone could catch it. We have accepted the fact that we, as individual humans need to take care of ourselves and be careful. It is only through self-awareness and care that we can get through this. The Korean society was a bit behind in coughing manners and social distance. However, through this hardship, we all became award and more responsible for taking part in keeping our manners and distance.

We as a community and as a nation have adopted to accept and take care of each other. Volunteering, serving and giving. We have all become one, in this fight against something that has taken the whole world down.

I, as a mother of three, have also learned to adapt and get used to this situation. Every day all I can do is pray and praise. Lauren Diagles ‘MY REVIVAL’ is the only song that comes to my mind. The only song I want to sing. Although I am also going through hard times, I know God is right here with us. That he is the only protector and that he is the one and only God who can get us through this.

We are all in this together. We are fighting through and standing strong. Let’s not let this tiny little particle destroy us both physically, mentally and spiritually. Stand strong. We can get through this together.