Counting the blessings

I don’t have a goal for 2020. I used to set goals at the beginning of the year and would read through them all throughout the year. I used to set about 5 really simple goals. Things like, pray every day for the children or go to Zumba class at least 2 times a week. Stuff like that. However, I decided to start this year, I won’t be setting any goals for the new years. Basically, no new year’s resolution is my new year’s resolution.

To start off the year, I took a nice break from teaching. Two weeks to be exact. Then starting the teaching week, I made arrangements for the ladies who study English with me. They literally study on their own, and we meet every month, to catch up on how they are doing and discuss what other aspects of English they want to study and get better at. I just give them resources and printouts for them to study with. I am literally the material and resource provider to them. But, it’s not just about English that we get together for. We have coffee and tea, we talk about parenting, we discuss what releases our stress and we also talk about our husbands and how annoying they can be sometimes.

Yesterday, we got together at my house and we had brunch. We talked about how there is just so much to do and how important it is to go deep when it comes to studying English on our own. I told them about when I was studying Korean and how I approached the situation. I really wanted to be fluent and wanted to be able to argue in Korean. Which at the time was impossible. I soon realized that my fluency really had a lot to do with how frequently I talked in Korean, on the same level as my husband and every mature adult around me. Being surrounded by kids all day (I was teaching ESL at the time) made my Korean fluency level just enough to be able to communicate with the kids. Only the kids. So when it came time to argue a statement with the staff or the head director, I made no sense.

I asked for help and was introduced to a Korean language director at a university and took three classes with him. Just three classes were enough for me to realize what exactly I needed to do.

At our lady’s meeting yesterday, I told the ladies about this and gave them a goal and a way they could approach their situation. It is now up to them to make it their own and create their own way of getting fluent in English.

Even though we had 9 kids going crazy in our house, we were so focused and adamant about our materials and way of learning time flew by like a speedy rocket!

I so blessed to have these ladies in my life and to be able to talk to them about these things, to share our life stories and to be able to help them achieve something that is so important to them, it’s a blessing by itself. Although it may not seem like much, it was a great time for me as well. I am always getting something out of their conversations and learning more from them. It’s so great to have them so close to me and to be able to ask straight forward questions to them and get answers right back!

So, we decided to meet twice a month starting February and discuss more things in English, rather than just go over things and make it a play date.

Thanks for being with me ladies!!!!! Love you and can’t thank you enough!! You know who you are!!!