Crazy week gone by

This past week was so crazy I can’t even organize my thoughts to explain what happened. It was Josh’s second week of school, it was the week with Andrea’s dental check-up and it was also the week my lectures at a community center in our neighborhood started. You can probably see why it was crazy, right?

And then it was the week Andrea wanted to meet up with MinJoon and play. But going out seemed like it would just be too much work for me so I asked Minjoon if he would come over to our house to play and he apparently really liked that. So we did. They all played together for a good solid 4 hours and then Minjoon left. Then it was just downhill from there.

Everyone wanted something different, then all three wanted the same thing. They didn’t want to eat, they wanted to go outside, etc etc. It was just a very crazy Saturday.

I needed more sleep than ever. I didn’t get any sleep. And I also needed some time to myself to get my class stuff ready and organize it. But that wasn’t done. I didn’t get any time to myself for preparations. Then I wanted a cup of coffee and that even was hard. OMG what a crazy crazy week. Hopefully this up coming week will be a bit more relaxed and toned down.