Creating a #Montessori #Environment in our home

There are so many aspects to the #montessori method that for me, it was hard to even know where to start. I felt overwhelmed with all of the information that was available to me. I knew I wanted to create the environment for my children but always just ended up creating a “study room” or a “studying area” for them. It was never solely for the purpose of “Montessori” activities or the “Montessori Approach.”

I knew what I wanted but didn’t know what to begin with. I wanted to re-organize and make sure the “area” the kids were in, was safe and had enough room for them to move around in. So last weekend, my mother-in-law and I cleaned the study room and re-organized the shelves so that we had room for the Montessori materials and activities. I didn’t want to purchase anything and spend more money than I had already done so with the printouts and worksheets and so we made sure we cleared everything and placed everything neatly. If I could and if I had the money, I would have just bought all of the Montessori tools and wooden materials. Especially the pink wooden tower. I really want that.

When we put everything together and moved the small table into the study room, Andrea was the first one to come in and grab a seat. It was just so natural for her to grab something from the shelf and sit down. Tyler came in next and asked if he could play too. Then came Josh. He wanted to “take part” in the new change and the stuff he used to do in kindergarten. He said it felt like BCMA and that he felt more comfortable in this room now. As if it was his least favourite room to walk into.

Even though it was Sunday, they were all so focused for about an hour and stayed in the study room quietly. Andrea was the most excited and wanted to do more.

So here’s the conclusion I made after going through all of this change.

  1. Creating a Montessori environment is simple and easy. All you have to do is just ORGANIZE the space and materials for your children and they’ll just do it.
  2. Don’t buy any new furniture. There’s no need to! All you have to do is just use the stuff you already have. No need to go out and buy new bookcases or desks and chairs. Just use what you have. Make sure the distance between where all of the materials are and where your children sit, isn’t too far away. They have to be able to carry the materials themselves and sit down and work.
  3. Nothing is more valuable than a solid focused learning experience. It doesn’t matter how long they sit down and do things. As long as they keep their manners, are respectful and can manage to focus on their tasks. What more can you expect?! They’re just kids!!

I bought lots and lots of print outs from and it was worth every penny. Just go on the site and search Montessori. You’ll get so many different options for all ages.

My children are all attending or have graduated from a Montessori institution. This method of learning is not something difficult to understand or to incorporate into your daily routine with your children. All you have to do is just find the right materials or make the right materials for their age and curiosity.

Andrea is really into math right now, Josh is really into English and Tyler is just busy with stickers and stamps. But, it’s done repeatedly and it’s done at a particular time, each child is used to doing and learning at each of their schools.

To start off the day, we change the date on the wall. Then we sit down and pray. Then we just all do our own thing. But here’s the hard part, I have to start things off for them and in between about half an hour to an hour, the word “mommy” starts to come out about every ten seconds.

It’s only been two days since we’ve started this so I’m going to give this a try and see how it goes. So far, the kids are loving it and won’t leave the room.