Another day of making something in the afternoon.

We made crepes this day and added whipped cream, strawberries and some blueberries.

It’s not easy working with kids when you have whipped cream on the table. Tyler just goes crazy and starts to eat up all the whipped cream with his hands. Andrea goes crazy with putting too much of it on her plate and then it’s like we need more than a liter of whipped cream.

Josh is really good with his ingredients. He doesn’t like to mess around or put too much of one thing.

The crepes were made with a simple pancake mix from No-Brand Mart that I had in the pantry… I don’t even remember when I bought it. I just made it a bit more watery than pancakes and evenly spread it out on the pan on really really weak heat.

The Whipped Cream is from the local grocery store. I usually get the Seoul Milk one but this time it was from Maeil Milk.

I added three tablespoons of sugar to about 1 liter of cream and whipped it up. It was fun to have this as a late afternoon snack.