Date with a close friend

It’s always nice to have friends come by and make your “alone time” or your “parenting alone” time FUN! I had Sunny Joon over today and it was so much fun. Joon and Andrea went to the same daycare and that’s how we met. They’ve been friends since the first day Andrea went to daycare here in Korea. Sunny and I became friends after Andrea started going to BCMA (the Kindergarten that she goes to now). We met on Teachers day of 2017 and exchanged numbers then started meeting up with the kids. Eventually we met up (just the two of us) and started going on a “eating out” meet-out and then Sunny started the English class at the centre I teach at. One thing led to another and now here we are, FRIENDS.

There was no awkward moments with Sunny and Joon. The kids are all good and have a pretty common ground when it comes to hanging out.

We have so much fun when we get together with the kids and it seems like the kids have a great time. Especially Joon and Andrea. They say they’re going to get married when they grow up, but we’ll see about that.

We’re planning on a trip to the Kang-Hwa-Do area together, with the dad’s too. I think we’ll have even more fun when we get there.