Double Eye-lid Surgery 쌍꺼풀수술 @ Image Up Plastic Surgery 이미지업 성형외과 Day 4

Okay, so I have Asian eyes. Yes. The very Korean looking, Asian eyes that you see on TV or any kind of Asain show. Now, I can say “I had Asian eyes”. I hope I’m not offending anyone by saying this but I did have those eyes and now I don’t. I have the post-surgery Asain eyes. LOL

As you can see, I have no double eyelid and I used to make my eyes look really big through makeup. Oh, the techniques of makeup that you can learn via Youtube is out of this world!!!

So today, as I am writing this post, it’s day 4. I got my surgery done on Monday morning at 10 AM and it’s Friday morning so, we’ll say its Day 4.

On the first day right after I got home from the clinic, I was so swollen and poofed up it was really funny.

This picture was taken right after I got home that day. I had a blister on my lip from the week before and I was really tired, but they put me to sleep and the procedure was done within an hour. They froze my eyelids and did the incisional double eyelid procedure. The difference between incisional and non-incisional is pretty basic. Incisional is the procedure they make an incision on your eyelid and take off some of the fat and skin. The non-incisional is the method they make a couple of stitches on your eyelid line to make the double eyelid line. The recovery period is very different for both procedures and since I got the incisional method done, it’ll take about 6 months for it to completely heal and look natural.

I still have my stitches in so right now it looks a bit poofier and swollen than the non-incisional method.

This was taken on the morning of the next day. As you can see, my eyes look red and bruised.

This picture was taken that same day, right before the sun went down. Around 6 PM.

This picture was taken yesterday morning, right before I took the kids to school. I showered and made sure my eyes didn’t get wet. You can wash your face below the eyes but you have to make sure no water gets to the area of the surgery done. It can cause infections or delay the speed of the skin healing.

And then. This was taken this morning. Day 4 post-surgery. The bruising has gone down a bit and the reddish-purple colors have faded a bit too. My eyes don’t feel so swollen or uncomfortable anymore. I can open them big without feeling awkward now.

For those who feel like they need more than just the line, there is also such a thing where they can make your eyes a bit more wide by giving a very small incision on the inside towards your nose or the outer ends of your eyes. When I went in for the first consultation, Doctor Kwon suggested that I didn’t get anything else done but JUST the incision line. He said my eyes were already pretty wide and that the balance in my face (in general) was pretty good. So no nose job or anything else was needed. He was pretty straight forward about it and explained to me the details of the procedure and gave me an idea of what my eyes would look like after the whole thing was done. He also drew a line on my eyes, so that I would know what my eyes would look like after about 6 months later.

The consultant who was in charge of me also explained post-surgery guidelines to me right before I was released from the clinic. Double eyelid surgery does not require the patient to stay overnight. You get released from the clinic about 30-45 minutes after the procedure. It’s a simple procedure so there’s no worry about recovering. You just have to make sure no water gets on your eyes, that you use the ice/warm eye pack that they give you to do a cold massage and warm massage with. They also prescribe you with 3 days worth of antibiotics and pain killers so that the scars heal without getting infected and also so that you don’t feel as much pain. An ointment kind of little lotion is also prescribed to apply to the area (for better healing).

I was lucky to have met Doctor Kwon and have my eyes done by him. A friend of mine knew him and recommended Image Up Plastic Surgery to me. I am very satisfied with the results and can’t wait to get my stitches out next Monday! I’ll keep you posted on my recovery and healing details!

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Update: It’s been a month since my surgery and here are the results at ONE MONTH!

I still feel like my smile and laugh is a bit awkward but I’m slowly adjusting to the changes. I am still a bit swollen and can’t really feel much on the tip of the eyelid but it’s getting better every day!