English Education Consulting | 영어학습컨설팅

When it comes to consulting there are many different aspects and types of consulting. There are some cases I just sit down with a parent or a CEO and all I do is listen to their story. By the time their storytelling is done, they’ve figured things out on their own and go home with their consulting solutions. For educational consulting many different parts coincide with each other. Especially if the consulting clients are parents.

Parents or moms come to me for educational consulting sessions specifically for English. It’s the one and the only reason they come to see me. Or should I say, they call me up for help. Most of the time it’s pinpointing to what their child or children need, are good at and can enjoy, while learning English. They might as well get the top best English education Korea can provide while at it!

Most parents in Korea “know” what is good and what sells. They already have the researching part done and finalized. They log on to online cafes and discussion boards to get as much information as possible. They even sometimes decide what is best before they come to see me. But when it comes to analyzing the information and then taking the next step, they get lost between what they want for their child and what fits with their child. They know they want the best but don’t exactly know what’s wrong when their child seems they aren’t really getting anything out of it. To the parents, an input of 10 must produce an output of 10. That’s what they want. However, when it comes to the child getting the input of 10, 4 might be shown as immediate output results right now but 6 might show up a few years later. You never know.

This is where the parents get lost and start to look for different academies or teachers. They want to see the results, grades go up, have their child speak fluently in English, but can’t. So what do they do? They change and shift everything around. Meaning, the child has to start from ground zero, again.

The most important road-mapping step of educational consulting is “finding the core values and needs” for learning English. What exactly is the ultimate goal for the student? Is it to go to study abroad? To get into international school? Or just to be able to speak to someone with perfect pronunciation and grammar? The first step is to identify what the ultimate achievement outcome satisfaction is at and where they want to be at the end of the road.

Then what I do is try and figure out what methods of learning English and English environments are suitable for the student. If it’s an adult student, we start with the basics. 1:1 tutor, a small study group or a big and well-known institution. We try and see what fits. We go over all of the pros and cons of those English institutions and measure what is more adequate. We figure out which one they feel more comfortable in. We then figure out how they learn and absorb English, the BEST.

For children, we look at all the different options available and measure between what is needed, wanted and realistically can be provided by the parents. For example, if a student lives in Incheon but wants to attend an academy in Kangnam, it’s realistically impossible for the ride back and forth, three times a week. It’s not a suitable and realistically applicable solution. Therefore, we look for options to replace the absolute wants and try to get as close to it as possible. Financial matters may come in affect at that point when the parents realize it may just be too much money for them to spend, to meet their wants. But, that’s a different matter I’ll get into in a different posting.

The most important thing about English educational consulting is that the client or students are satisfied with the options. That the options and methods of learning English are financially reasonable and effective at the same time. For me, I always and I say this with confidence, put Montessori English into the list of options.

Montessori method of learning language is a proven method of learning, that could be applied to any age, gender and learning background.

It has the most effective and has a short result outcome time frame. This means that parents and students can see results and output faster than a regular English learning method. However, it’s not easy providing this option and describing it to people. Most people have heard about the Montessori method but don’t exactly know what it is and how it’s done. Most people don’t quite understand it with just a 5-minute explanation. It takes a long time to explain all of the details and fully understand the Montessori method.

However, most consulting sessions take about 2 hours and for me to take up about 45 minutes explain the Montessori method of learning English. It makes me look one sided and very suggestive. But for those who are open and are willing to consider the proven effects and ways of learning through Montessori, I give them the extra 45 minutes like a hidden present under the tree.

Whether it’s an adult or a young child, learning English is a must these days. Finding the right method and right tools is what everyone needs. Once they find the right ones, all they have to do is just take the classes. Easy as that.

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