Focusing on “communicating in English”, classes are specifically rendered for each student’s needs. Reading, writing, listening and speaking are all brought up to the surface by creating an atmosphere focused only on English. Students will be encouraged to talk about different topics and express their thoughts in English. Full sentences are a must and correct pronunciation is articulated through phonics drills. With the assistance of the “Montessori Approach”, English and the culture of English speaking countries are learned throughout classes. Each student will lead their own English journey through the “experiential learning” processes.

Most areas covered during class are similar to any other English or ESL class. However, these aspects of the curriculum are emphasized more into each ENGLISH COMMUNICATION class.

Correct American standard pronunciation training

Speaking in full sentences with correct sentence structure (simple, complex)

Focusing on fluency through repetitive vocabulary exposure with stress and correct tone of voice


Depending on the students age and level,
class duration times vary.

Minimum of 1 hour to maximum of 1 hour and 15 minutes.


CURRENT Classes in Session

These are the classes that are open and ongoing at the moment. Classes may open and close at anytime. Please contact me for information regarding speaking classes and lectures or class pricing details.

Simple English for Adults Feat.Phonics
(어른이들을 위한 쉽고 간단한 영어 Feat.파닉스)

The Rules of Parenting by Richard Templar
(영어원서 육아 서적을 교재로 사용하는 엄빠들을 위한 영어)

College & University Speaking and TOEFL/TOEIC
(Intermediate / Advanced)

ESL (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)

Speaking and Writing (Essays & Presentations)

Homework / Project Assistance
(International School Students)

1 Session Lectures
(Culture centers, academies, companies, churches etc)

Talking in English is what students in any country need to do more often. ESL, EFL or EAL, it doesn’t matter what it’s called. Most students learn English but don’t really have the opportunity to talk in English (unless they are constantly traveling or have made a foreigner friend). Speaking classes are specifically made for students to grab that opportunity of TALKING IN ENGLISH and be confident in doing so.

“The main goal of each student is to freely talk in English, without having to translate or filter thoughts from their mother tongue. This will be achieved by the help of the Montessori education method approach.” - Vicky

Studying something and trying to learn something cannot stick with a human being if it isn’t done with impact or fun. Learning to enjoy talking in a different language MUST exist alongside all the other variables of ESL. In doing so, we may often go outside to learn different expressions, we may sit on the floor and listen to the teacher reading a book, or openly discuss something in a casual environment rather than sitting upright on a chair and desk. There will be times actual “studying” of curriculum materials are needed, however, I prefer having students absorb the language as naturally as they can. Short term goals are set so that students may reach the level of language fluency for their specific age, however, the long term goal is the same for all ages and levels. “To be fluent in English with correct AMERICAN Standard pronunciation.”

With the help of the “Montessori Approach”, classes have been specifically made to fit each student’s needs and developing stages. Their curiosity and English proficiency levels have been taken into consideration in creating these classes. Each student will be in charge of their English journey and guided by the teacher. The Montessori approach of learning English as a second language or foreign language gives the student the opportunity to learn hands on. Repetition and exposure to English on a daily basis provides more opportunities to naturally absorb and develop comprehension. Therefor, there may not be a class that suits each child wanting to take class. Please inquire for more details regarding classes and schedules.

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