Fathers Day Gift for Dad

For this Father’s day, I wanted to give Kaden something that made him smile. I wanted to give him something that he could carry or have beside him all the time when he worked.

At first I thought about a photo frame to keep at his desk, but then it started to get really boring, then I thought of a photo key chain but then that was just too too lame. Then I remembered my tumbler from Starbucks that my unni and hyungboo gave to me years ago and headed to Startbucks for one of these!


We took the insert that it already had, flipped it over and tapped a couple of different masking tape lines on it for the background.

We flipped it back and cut off the excess to make the shape.

Then we used double sided tape to tape down the pictures.


Added a finishing touch, then we inserted the sheet back into the tumbler!

The kids had fun making this with me and I think they liked it more than I did!