Finally! A Capsule Stacker!

Kaden and I have been wanting to purchase a Nespresso capsule stacker for a while.

However, we couldn’t find one that we liked. We really didn’t like to dig through the capsule jar and find the one we like ALL THE TIME.

It was starting to kind of get on Kaden’s nerves I guess.

I think that’s why he just went by himself and purchased this one.


I liked this one from the beginning. We only buy three or four different kinds of capsules at time. So why buy the one you can stack soooooo many of them, when you only need a couple? I thought it was nice that it was clear, strong and easy to get to the capsules.


정말 진심으로 이게 필요했지만 우린 이제서야 이걸 구입하다니. 그것도 처음부터 마음에 들었던걸로. 참나. 우리도 진짜 한심하다!

Anyways~ now we have a nice stacker that we don’t have to dig through to get the flavor we want. MAY THE COFFEE DRINKING BEGIN!!!!

(Not like I didn’t drink coffee before this. But I kind of set a limit on one cup a day… it’s more like two cups a day now).