First Ever Peach

Tyler had his first ever peach yesterday. Kaden and I both LOVE peaches and so does Josh and Andrea. We waited until Tyler turned 1 to give him his first taste. In Korea, doctors say to wait until month 12 before you give your baby berries and peaches. So we did wait and gave him his first peach yesterday. I wanted to just put some on his plate and see what he did but my mother-in-law couldn’t wait and fed it to him with a fork (typical Korean grandmother kind of thing to do, feeding the child and not waiting for them to eat by themselves).

He LOVED his peach.

He wanted more but Josh and Andrea ate the rest hahahahaha LOL

Tyler has been watching a bit of Disney Junior when Josh and Andrea watches it.

I guess he really got a treat yesterday with the peach and even a bit of TV!!!!