First Year, First Grade, First Summer

Josh has grown up so much. It’s amazing how such a small human being can develop skills and manage to find ways of life. There are so many different things I want him to know and explore. And although it’s just an excuse, I always don’t have time to show him and take him out to see the world. However, thankfully, God has blessed us in this great situation where Josh has been able to explore, find and achieve so many different things in life. With great people around him, he has finished his first semester of “school” with so many different blessings. Peers who are always helpful and understanding, teachers who are so caring and knowledgable, and school volunteers who love the kids as their own.

We, as a family and as a member of this great community are so thankful for everyone who has been involved in the school commuting routes. Thank you so very much from the bottom of our hearts.

Another achievement and great thing we are so very proud of, is Josh’s art class.

He has come so far and is so in love with the different kinds of visual expressions that I honestly don’t know how to thank his art teacher. He loves drawing and learning different methods of art techniques, it’s crazy!

He says he wants to become an artist and it’s all thanks to his art teacher at 영렘브란트. We are so honoured and grateful to have her as his art teacher.

Now that this first term is over, we are going to go on a short summer vacation and PARTY til dawn!!!