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I was always very fortunate to meet great teachers (no matter where in the world I was). I am still very thankful for the teachers I’ve met and are still meeting! I am also very thankful to the great teachers my kids have met (especially the ones Josh and Andrea have met at BCMA! You know who you are!!!! Wink Wink!)

To give back to every single teacher and every single parent, who is probably their children’s teachers right now during this time with COVID19. I have decided to upload my stuff I use for my classes on this page as “freebies” for everyone to download.

Hope you enjoy them!

*** The color of the printed handouts or worksheets might look different than what you see here in my pictures.

All designs and files are original and made by me. © 2020

book report

Detailed Book Report

This book report is a bit more for students and children who are able to write their thoughts out on paper. I used this for grade 5 – 8 students who were attending international schools here in Korea. Although it seems like an easy worksheet, some ESL students still had trouble writing down “why” they think books are fiction or non-fiction, if they liked the book or not, and why a book is first person or third person.


Weekly Planner

This weekly planner was made for my tutor classes, however, it later on evolved to a meal planner and family schedules. It’s a very simple weekly planner layout with lots of room to write. You can put it up on the bulletin board or just have it on your fridge. It’s up to you. You can also use it in whatever way you want! There is an empty rectangle for ANYTHING to write down too.


My Daily Book Report - Doodle & Write

This PDF package of different book reports was first made for my ESL class. Students who did not know how to write in full sentences were given the opportunity to get marks on book reports by doodling their ideas about the book in the white spaces provided. This package is for all ages and may be approached in any creative way possible. Get them to decorate and doodle anywhere and everywhere!


What day is today?

This was originally created for my children. Since they were attending a Montessori kindergarten, I wanted them to continue on with their daily routines and activities at home. So, I made this little day, month, date and year display at home to put up on the wall. They were able to change the day and dates freely by just flipping it over. The PDF comes with days of the week, months, days and years up to 2024. I printed this on normal A4 sized paper with my Canon home printer, then laminated them with glossy sticker laminating A4 sized sheets. You can also just print them on card stock paper and cut em out. If you prefer putting them in little pockets somewhere in your classroom or room and have them taped to the board or something, that works too!

I tried putting in colors that students would like and that represented each month or day. It was pretty difficult to pick out the colors but my kids helped me out!


Art/Drawing Review

Sit down with your kids and go over the different art master pieces! There are so many works of art you can find on the internet! Sit down and go over the colors used, what are considered warm colors and cool colors! Color the chart and wheel of color to discuss what you and your kids think are interesting about the piece of work. It can be from Monet to Van Goh. Or even discuss a master piece of your own!!!



Keep track of what you’re reading! Get your students to keep track of what they are reading and when they read it! Fill the whole chart and get a prize or sticker! Or whatever it is that you agreed to give them. Students can also decorate and color the chart if they want!