Fudgy Brownies

The only reason I made these today was simply because I was craving them. Most of the brownies that are sold in Korea aren’t like the ones back home. It’s very rare that I would find something like this in a bakery in Seoul. Although I did come across one a long time ago.

Anyways, I was craving really fudgy, sticky and chewy brownies the other day and I thought it would just be a good idea for me to make them with the kids. So, we made them today. I think this 8 inch pan was robbed the second it came out of the oven. The kids literally started to dig in. I thought it was a bit too hot for them to eat but they had noooooo problem!

I also wanted some Chocolate cake. So, I made some of that too! Although I wasn’t able to make any icing for it, I did make the cake sheets. Hahahahaha Today was an ALL CHOCOLATE kind of day. I think I wanted something sweet and chocolatey because of the emotional ups and downs I’ve been going through lately. 

I probably was just craving something to dip my face into cause of all the thoughts and concerns I’ve been having lately. Nothing really serious, just things like – Josh is going to school and I don’t really know what exactly I have to prepare for him. Andrea is going to attend Bethel again but I’m concerned she might not adjust to the fact that she has to go alone (Josh would wait for her on the 1st floor and help her put  her shoes one and stuff). I don’t know if I want to send Tyler to daycare yet but if I do, what the heck would I do during that time? I guess I could go work at Starbucks or something? I don’t know.

I’ve just so deeply caught up in all these thoughts that it’s been kind of hard to focus on the kids. So that’s why I made these brownies with them today. I wanted to spend time with them and just be us. The “us” the “we” the “me with the kids” like how we were back at our Langley home. 

The brownies turned out great BTW!