Getting Ready!

I have been planning this for a month and now it’s really coming up!

Plate by Zumba™ was such an inspiration to me and it really did open up my eyes. Although I am not perfect and I am not always strictly on the plan. I wanted to spread the word and make sure people were aware of this, simple and oh so easy way of life!

I still do have some fried chicken now and then. I still go out and socialize and have a glass of wine and some pasta or something. I live the life I used to, nothing really dramatically different. BUT. I make sure I try to stay on the plan and make sure I’m getting a lot of the GREENs in my food chart.

It’s really was not easy trying to be healthy. With so much information out there on the internet, I didn’t really know where to start and how to get this healthy living style going. BUT NOW, I know. I know how to control my cravings and I know if I’ve had something a bit on the bad side, I know how to make up for it!

See ya on October 17th 2020!!