Getting Sick with A-type Influenza (A.K.A. Flu Virus)

Getting sick isn’t something anyone likes or prefers. Well if you need an excuse to not do something then I guess it would be better off for you to get sick. However, for someone like me, who has about ten different things to do every day of the week, it’s not fun when you get sick.

Preparing for classes is one thing but being sick with the kids being around is a difficult thing to manage. Doesn’t matter if you live with your in-laws or not. But being the person that I am, I decided to take advantage of the situation and play “bed rest”.

I Korea, if you get the influenza virus, you must be in quarantine for at least 5 days before you can leave the house. Unless it’s for doctor’s visits, you are advised to stay home and away from other members of the family as well. Josh and I were the two who got the virus so we stayed in our room and basically didn’t do anything but eat and sleep. Josh had gotten it last year and so he got the “lighter” version of the virus but I got it pretty bad. I basically couldn’t move for the first two days. Then came the aching and then the headaches and then the coughing and runny nose. The fever started first but everything else that came after that was just hell.

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Although the staying in bed all day part wasn’t bad at all, the following of the menstrual period was going from bearable to insanely annoyed and unbearable. There was a limit to the books I could read and drinking tea in bed became something I only did cause there was nothing else I could do. I get the most horrific menstrual cramps in the universe. To get it on its own is one thing but to have it overlap with the flu? Are ya kidding me? I felt like the whole world and all the Gods that were out there had their backs against me.

I took it one day at a time, wearing the same shirt and Nike leggings all day. I tried to make sure the kids and especially Josh was okay. Even though I was sick in bed, it was like I wasn’t. I still had to do things and take care of the family.

But one thing I learned from this time of healing and getting myself back together is that I just needed to take it one thing at a time and put my all into the one thing that was being done. Not making it a big scene and just being thankful for the things I had. Being grateful for the students and my work. That was the biggest realization. Then I thought about all the other things I had to get done and do. yeah. That didn’t go so well. Anyways, The Corona Virus is spreading all over the world right now.

Lots of people are frustrated and mad but I just hope this goes and passes us by like a stranger.