God, Faith, Prayer and 광화문

I cannot say I am a true Christian. I still have my doubts and I still want to “logically” believe. I know for some reason my heart moves and I get so emotional when it comes to talking about my faith but, I know that my faith and the level of my faith is way below average than the average Jane or Joe. I grew up in a Christian family. My parents are Christian, their parents are Christian, and their parents and grandparents and generations above them were all Christian. I was born to be a Christian. But I made some choices I didn’t really HAVE to make or was necessary to make. I’ve been to Buddhist temples, I’ve attended Catholic masses and ceremonies, and I’ve been to many different other religious worship services in the old days (back in high school). But for some reason, actually, I think I know the reason but just don’t want to admit it, I always made my way back to God, back to Jesus and back to my church.

I was taught through life that your faith should be between yourself and God, only. Along the path of gaining that strong faith and praising God, you can have people or specific leaders guide you but the line with God should always be a direct line. No waiting line or a 800 number to go through an operator, but something that is very direct and straight to him.

John 7:38 Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.

Right now, at this moment, this is the only bible verse I can think of. That I can memorize off the top of my head. Why? Because that’s the only one I can think of. The only one that relates my faith with God and LIFE. So many people are ill from COVID-19 and have died. I want life. I want to live and I want things to be okay. I guess that’s the reason why I can only think of this bible verse.

But there are people out there who are shaking things around right now in Seoul Korea. Not listening to the government’s advice or announcements. Not paying attention to the rest of the world but people who call themselves Christians, people who say they are a man or woman of God are going along with stupid and irresponsible statements made by retarded leaders who BTW are not even worth being called leaders. Or humans to be exact.

A human with the right set of brains will not tell you to worship in the middle of a metropolitan city and make you march like this country is under some communist ruling. NO! It’s not like that! It never was and it will never be!

A person with a common sense of morals and living standards will not tell you to reject getting tested for COVID-19 or tell you to continue to pray and worship together at a church because God lives and he will cure us! NO! They will not! If you’re stupid enough to believe that retarded messed up person and still think of him as a pastor or a child of GOD, then you messed up too!

In this time of hardship and pain, we pray together and share our faith with God only to make things better, not to make it worse. We have been doing that for centuries and for the past 7 months, the whole world has been doing that, together. Right now, the events and gatherings that are happening (which BTW are still going on) at 광화문 are not moral or understandable or even logically explainable! I fuckin seriously think some people are just so retarded and messed up that they just need to shut the fuck up and get checked in to a mental hospital.

Those events are not saving our faith. They are not saving our lives and they are not saving souls. It’s just a messed up way of using religion for a political view that is also very messed up! Dang, I’m using the phrase messed up so much that I feel messed up.

Anyways, if you were at 광화문 during the time the so-called worship and faithful gatherings were going on, get tested for COVID19. Don’t be like that man who ran away from the hospital and wandered the streets of Seoul because he thought the hospital poisoned his 김치국. That only proves that people who were there are lunatics and mentally insane. You know that. Everyone in this god-damn city knows that. Stop spitting on your face and go get tested. The only reason the numbers of COVID19 positive cases are going up is because of the stupid so called leader has made a mess and has made the Christian society look like fools. We aren’t. I’m not. I’m not the same Christian that he is. I’m a child of God who knows what’s right and wrong. I know what is good and what is evil. I know the rivers of living water that flow in a Christian looks like. I know that and I can tell if something is or is not something God is saying to us right now. Right now, that dude who is on the newspapers and who is talked about on the NEWS almost everyday, is not a leader who leads. He’s just a little scumbag who needs a whoop-ass, that wants to be famous and just wants to be known in a messed up retarded way.

So if you were there, GO GET TESTED.

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