God knows what

Some people like to say “who knows what?!” And I know for sure that a close friend of mine loves to say that. As if it’s a set phrase for everything. “Who knows what life will bring you”, “who knows what will happen next?”, “Who knows?” etc etc.

I think I was always the one who said in reply “God knows.” Yeap. God knows. God knows that I went through hell last week, God knows I overcame the bump and God knows that I am scared to death when it comes to things that go on with my kids. God knows. He is the only one who knows. And he also knows that I have a passion for something I love to do and that one day, one day, I am going to be able to fulfill those dreams. I’m not quite sure how it’s going to be achieved but someday, with his help and with his guidance, I will.

Kaden went to a place called Gran Hand in Bukchon with his friend and bought me this great perfume. Just even at a first glance, I fell in love with the design and custom naming of the package (the part where it says FOR VICKY). As soon as I saw the design of the website, it was like meeting my destiny. I knew right away I wanted something from this place and Kaden found the perfect scent for me. I always loved the scent of Miami Muse from & Other Stories so I sent the hand cream with Kaden when he was going to Gran Hand. They suggested the scent Lucy Diamond for me and it was just dead on point.

Sometimes I wish life was like that. On point. So that you know what might happen to you and so that you can be prepared for everything that’s ahead of you. But right now. All I can do is just pray and be thankful for all the things that I have and all the things that are coming ahead. Thankful and grateful. That’s all I can do.

I wish life was easier.