Going through change

For those of you who already know, this is not a surprise to you but, since not everyone knows. I will say it again. Josh had Osteoarthritis and this was very serious. He was not allowed to move or walk for almost a week and doctors told him to make sure he did not apply any kind of pressure on his left hit WHAT SO EVER.

So, he laid down on our bed for most of the day and watched his iPad or read books. I think due to the fact that he couldn’t really move, he took his stress out on food. It was like he wanted something every half an hour.

They say bad things come in threes and it really did this time. Josh had osteoarthritis, Andre has her last teeth coming out and Tyler is going through “I want grandma” kind of a tantrum. If you didn’t know, my mother-in-law is in Europ for ten days. So that’s why Tyler is going through that phase.

Andrea had her first TTUK BOK GI last weekend. I did wash the the TTUK BOK GI a bit before giving it to her cause I though it was going to be too spicy for her. But she enjoyed it very much. Although in the picture it doesn’t look like she enjoyed it. hahaha LOL

Tyler is going through a phase where he wants his rice in soup, he has to drink out of a cup that is in the colour of his choice and he also has to have my arm near him at all times. He’s going through this thing where he touches my arm before going to sleep or when he feels tired. WEIRD. I know. But you know what they say! Every kid has their own THING.

I’ve been going to ZUMBA four days a week and I’ve just been so tired but feeling healthier. I go to bed earlier for sure but I’ve been feeling much more healthy and much more energetic. I love listening to music we’ve been using in ZUMBA class and it feels like I’ve lost weight. Well, actually I did lose some pounds. I lost an extra 4kgs ever since last month. So I guess that’s good hahaha LOL

Two days down and 8 more to go!!!! YAY!!!!!