Homemade Cotton Face Masks

Life right now, in Korea, especially in Seoul is so frustrating and getting out of control. People are just not caring enough. I love how people are just not even wearing masks anymore. Literally, the day Kaden and I went to get our health check, we saw about 6 people not wearing masks.

With all that going on and my children having to take antibiotics cause of the runny nose they’ve had for a while now, I decided to make my own cotton masks. I was getting a skin irritation near my mouth and the kids were getting a runny nose that just got worse by the day. I think it’s cause my father in law took them outside but who knows what it is.

And so I did some research and found a site that sells a DIY kit with the patter, the fabric, the elastic band and the nose little stiff stick thing in it. Although I am not 100% finished with everything I had planned on doing today, I still am proud I was able to make 8 masks today. Everyone in the family really liked them and Kaden wanted me to look for more fabric (in brown for some reason) and so I ordered more and decided to make more.

Andrea is not upset in this picture so don’t get confused by her facial expression, she’s just a little dozy cause of the medicine she took.

I love how they have the pretty floral patterns and the really simple basic monotoned colors. However, now that I know how to make these. I decided to order some fabric from a place I like and create my own design. Hopefully it’ll turn out well. If not, then too bad.