I have been homesick for quite a long time now. I haven’t been back home since.. I don’t even remember. I think it was when I gave birth to Andrea… Then right after we came to Korea we flew straight to Singapore. So probably 2015. Although my parents don’t live at this house anymore and since my brother has moved to Coquitlam. I don’t have any connections or attachments to Langley BC. Well my lovely sister and brother Helen and Dave live in Langley and my friends live in Langley so I guess I could go visit them.

I miss having a cup of coffee in the back yard and just listening to the trees (trees have that natural swooshing sound you know?) I also miss the smell of fresh-cut grass. I miss the little rabbits that would come by during the afternoon and leave a little bit of poop on the grass. I also miss the sound of my dad’s caravan tires rolling against the pebble rocks on the driveway. I also miss the smell of autumn and spring coming along. The sounds of the birds and the quietness of the neighbourhood is also something I miss truely. The busy streets and city sounds have taken my ears and my numbness has overcome all of the chaos in this city. I miss just sitting quietly the grass and not doing anything but zoning out.

Everything is and was perfect. All the time. Always. Perfect. Right now, I miss that perfection and that quiet stillness.

But I think what I miss the most is this green, natural, earthy tone that was with me, wherever I went.