How I Organize My Folders

When it comes to organizing my folders for clients and even for my own pictures that I take with my Canon 760D camera. I like to keep everything organized and kept neatly so that I can find things whenever I need it. I like having things handy and organized so that I don’t have to do a big search for one file.


Most of the time, I keep everything in one folder and subcategorize everything in it.

For example, in one client folder I’ll have about 12 subfolders.

Admin – for login information, hosting information, design passwords and so on.
Artwork&logos – original AI or EPS logo files.
Collateral – anything related to print work and original print files. Only the final and last file stays in the folder, all the other working files go into an OLD folder.
Contract&proposals – Contract files and proposal files, PDFs and signed scanned documents.
Delivered files – These are files from the clients, files and documents that the client has sent to me.
Documents – text documents that I have created to use with the project (text files for content, translations and etc)
Images – image files that were used for the projects, original high-resolution files
Invoices – invoices and billing related files, documents and PDFs
Presentations – Powerpoint or Keynote files that were used to present the project design
Proofs – All proofs that were sent to the client for sign-off
Records – Recordkeeping and note-taking documents
Website – All files and documents related to the development of the website

The website folder also has a structured subfolder layout that is easy for me to get to as well.

As you can see in this screenshot, the folders and files that I have for clients are always in this order. I can find files and designs easily and quickly whenever aI need them.