How do you teach your children the right things, in the right way? How? How do you get them to understand what you know from life and the order of things? How do you put all the things in life into words so that they may understand it? How? What logic can you put life experiences into? How do you lay it all out so that it’s understandable at the age of 6 and 8? Or even 3. How is it possible?

How do you make them understand that it’s wrong for anyone else to touch them? How do you make them grasp the sense of “wrong”? How do you explain to them that it’s wrong for a friend to touch them but it’s okay if their teacher accidentally touches them while helping? How do you make these different situations understandable and acceptable when each and every situation can be logically different? Is it even possible?

Re-reading the “Rules of Parenting” got me thinking. I started to wonder how things should be laid out for children. It’s easy to explain the rules and regulations of human life-logic to adults because they can understand and process the words in their heads. They can also digest the different situations and experiences all the words laid out. However, when it comes to kids. How do you explain every situation and sensible thought and feeling to them? How do you get them to understand the different life experiences and morals they need to know? Do you really just pray that they’ll be able to know? Do you really leave it to the gods and have them protect them?

The only way I am able to answer this question is for me to try and make it easy as possible for each of my children to understand the differences and acceptable situations life gives them. Sex education for a 6-year-old is very different than an 8-year-old. It’s not the same. The level of understanding is different. And for each of them to be able to tell if it’s wrong or okay is just not measurable. How do you make it so that it is? So that it can be logical to that age?

I really don’t know. I really can’t figure it out. I have been trying to figure it out for the past year and a half and I’m just stuck. I do my best. But it just seems like it’s not enough sometimes. I try and read about it and listen to other professionals but it seems to be working for me (the adult that is listening) and not working for the kids who really have to understand it. They say there’s no right or wrong when it comes to parenting. But I wish there were. I wish there was a logical function and calculation method for it.