In Christ

When Christians give a speech or have a chance to talk about their spiritual life, they always have a very very bottom side of the story and then a part that is almost like the climax or the peak of their life. It’s usually the part that they meet Christ and the part where their faith becomes so strong.

I was born into a very Christian family. My parents grand grand grandparents were pastors and Christians.

You get the point right?

I never really desperately wanted anything in life other than to be able to dance. I always just wanted to be a dancer. Not even a famous one but just someone who could dance through their whole life.

Right now, I stand at a path that I know is not for me. My guts tell me it’s not where I should be. But, I’m standing here trying to figure out why all of this is happening to me and why God has put me here.

I am not a weak person. I am a very strong person who knows whats right and wrong. I know when something is going to hit a home run and when it’s going to miss the point so badly, I am going to miserably fail.

However, through this hardship, I have people around me who have given me the courage and inspiration to be stronger and to be thankful. To thank God about all of the things that has become of, in Christ.

In Christ I have come this far and in Christ I have accomplished this much. Now, I thankfully am walking through something I know is hard and full of negativity. However, I am going to walk this path and get to the end of it, look back and say “I am damn proud of me.”