JACK by Podo Labs | Kickstarter

Kaden likes to browse and go through the site Kickstarter. We have bought a couple of things already from the site that was very useful. One of the things that we recently got was this little gadget here called JACK by PODO LABS.

This little (iPod shuffle looking little) thing turns any normal earphone into a Bluetooth earphone or headset.


It’s really light and pretty strong (Tyler already threw mine twice and it hasn’t broken so I’m thankful for that).

All you have to do is connect it via Bluetooth to your machine or phone, plug your earphone jack into the small round hole on the side and WA LA! You now have a pair of Bluetooth earphones!

I would have LOVED one in white but I don’t even know if they have ones in white (I think I saw one in a video). But anyways, I really like this cause when I work with my earphones on and then Tyler gets up from a nap or is just crying cause his pacifier fell out, I don’t have to go through the hassle of taking off my earphones, then putting them back on.

It also has a little clip on the side like his that makes it able to be put on any part of your clothes.

The battery lasts for a really long time, I haven’t charged mine since the first charge. Which was about two days ago.

I used to think that Kaden was wasting money on kickstarter but with stuff like this! MAN! I’m glad he invested in this!