[JEJU] August 2018

Back in August, Kaden and I decided to take a summer trip somewhere with ALL THE KIDS. Yeap. ALL THREE.

There were lots and lots of places we narrowed down to. First we really wanted to go to Japan but because of the earthquakes and the thought of using public transportation during the trip just wasn’t going to work so we crossed it out.

Then there was Austria. I always, ALWAYS wanted to go and visit the locations where “The Sound of Music” was shot. BUT that would take 11 hours on an airplane and I wasn’t going to do that unless it was going back home to Vancouver.

But we really wanted to get on an airplane. Josh had wanted to go somewhere on an airplane for a while so really want to go somewhere for Josh.

Then we looked at going to Singapore and visiting the places we used to go to. BUT. That just stretched our budget to its max. So I suggested we go to JEJU Island. A short 50 minute flight was all we had to take. We could go to beaches and even stay in a house that had an indoor pool.

Once I mentioned the pool part, Josh was all in. He wanted to go no matter what.

(Josh was a bit sick on the day before so we had to take his meds and Andrea’s meds that she was already taking as well. But it all turned out pretty well.)






These two little cute bugs were so excited at Kimpo Airport. They just couldn’t wait to get on the plane.

The two of them had already napped in the car so they didn’t sleep. They sat with Kaden and I sat with Tyler. They were all pretty good on the plane.


When we arrived we checked-in to a small hotel near the airport. Because on the first day, we knew we weren’t going to go anywhere. So we ate, slept and just hung out in our room.


The hotel was ok, but the one thing that was a bummer was that the airconditioning remote was attached to the TV remote and it only had 4 buttons to control it. 18 degrees, 21 degrees, 26 degrees and 30 degrees Celsius. This was really annoying cause when I put it on 26, it would get too cold for the kids and then if I put it at 30 it would get too hot. So I stayed up all night going back and forth between temperatures.

Then the next morning we all got up, picked up the rental car, had some food and then headed to places we wanted to go with the kids.

The Pool Villa we had booked had a check-in time of 4 PM so we had to fill that time in.





So we drove around and then head to CAFE “해봐요”.

It’s a little cafe along the side of the road that is just so cute and has good food cooked by two really nice ladies.

This 궁중떡볶이 was soooooo good!!!

But this Avocado Roll was the best!!!

The kids really loved this DonKatsu.



The outside is this little cute stone house looking cafe with blue doors.

Andrea just also had to be cute while we were there.


Then Josh and Kaden when horseback riding at 조은승마장.


Andrea had first said that she also wanted to go but then she cried and said she didn’t want to so Kaden when with Josh.

After horseback riding we went to Toy Park (you can see details of this place in the Youtube Video above).


Then we headed to the beach.

Josh and Tyler were asleep so just Andrea and I went. We hung out for a bit and headed to MAVIOSO Pool Villa and Spa.





It’s a great place for families with kids.

They have toys a yeard and a closed off pool. You can literally swim 24 hours a day.


And that was the first thing we did after we unpacked.


The kids loved it sooo much!

Then we headed to 제주별빛누리공원 to look at the stars.








It was a long fully packed day with lots of things to do, so the kids were super tired when we got home (they all fell asleep on the way back to the pool house) but it was well worth it.