Kay Poh Baptist Church Kindergarten National Day Celebration

Today, Josh’s kindergarten had a National Day Celebration event at the school. We were to bring finger foods to the school to share so I made Pretzel covered chicken fingers that ”Giada at Home” made on the FoodNetwork. 

I had to wake up super early to make this but it was well worth it. Everyone seemed to enjoy it!



Although waking up at 6am and making this was soooo tiring, it was good to see everyone enjoy what I cooked.

After getting the chicken fingers prepared and packed, I had to get ready and then get the kids ready.

Andrea was super excited that she was going to kindergarten too. She wanted to wear her backpack and go with Josh.



And because she was going too (with her backpack) she walked all the way there too, just like her OPPA.


When we got to the kindergarten, people were already seated and the kids were going to their classrooms to put their bags away. We got there a bit late so I had to take Josh straight to his classroom.


After Josh went into his classroom, Andrea and I came back to the fellowship hall where the event was taking place.


The decorations were so cute but the power-point designs… AOOF~~ it reminded me of the design templates we used in the 90’s.



On the side of the room, there were carts prepared for each class. The food was to be placed here. Once the food was all placed and ready, the chef of the kindergarten came and took the food to be prepared for each class. She took everything and put them into small portions and even cut up my chicken fingers into small pieces so that it was easier for the kids to eat. That was really nice.


When it was time, the kids came back and sat down in rows, by class.



Everyone’s dress code was red and white. I guess I was the only one (along with Andrea) who didn’t follow this hahahah LOL.

Josh’s classmates are so cute. I love just watching them. They must think I’m weird, cause I sometimes just watch them play and talk and sort of doze off.

Mrs. Chew, the principal. She also teaches and seems to run the school ”kid-centered”.

Time for some singing and dancing!

And then prayer.

Some more singing and dancing!




And then the PERFORMANCES!!!!!!!!!!


I don’t have any pictures of them performing cause I only took video.


Then time for the last song with the Singapore flag!!

Once everything was done, everyone went back to their classrooms to eat.


We were able to say grace and then make an edible Singapore flag.

Starting with a slice of bread, a cheese crescent moon, and some star crackers, the kids made their own edible flag.

Everyone got a container with their names on it, and made it within the container. Then they were taped so that we could take it home! Josh brought his home and then ate it right away. Oh yeah, he showed it off to grandma and grandpa of Facetime before eating it.



Then everyone ate.

Even Andrea grabbed a chair and joined in the eating. She was sleeping up until that moment (I had to Ergo her on back during that time).


It was great to see Josh interact with his friends and watch them mingle. I always thought he wasn’t a mingler, but I guess I was wrong.

After we were all dismissed, we came out into the hall to check out the Singapore skyline that all the kids made together.

It was a really long day, but it was fun and very memorable. Great job KBK!!!