Keeping my senses up to date

I have been a Brand Consultant for more than 10 years now but for the past year, I have just lived the life of an English Teacher. Not just your typical English teacher who teaches kids and adults but an English teacher who focuses on adults. Mainly teaching speech and communication in English. That could be from phonics, pronunciation to anything like daily conversation skills or even Keynote presentation skills.

The idea of becoming an English Communication Teacher came when I was preparing Kaden for the SPA exam at his workplace. In order to get promoted in most Korean companies, you have to take a Speaking exam and get a certain score. Obviously, this is an English exam and it’s pretty easy to get the cut line score. Kaden said that I had a great gift of bringing out the best in my student’s English communication skills and he suggested I start an English class focused on pronunciation and speech. So I did. And Oh BOY was that ever a good idea.

However, a side of me never let go of all the design and consulting I did. It was almost as if I didn’t want to let go. So, every minute of spare time I had, I would go on to design sites and try and get a grasp of the trendy things that were up. I would try and mimic the designs or even register for online tutorials and lectures so that I didn’t forget, or lose the designer in me.

While in the middle of doing all that, the apartment community director called me to ask if I would design a logo for the apartment. A logo that would go into the new cafe for people who lived in this apartment and design some of the little details that were also going to go in. For example, lettering and menus etc. I said I would and it was all volunteer work. Non-paying work that would strictly just be for the apartment community and also for my portfolio.

It started with the design of the logo, then to the cup holder, the menu and then it led me to get involved with the interior design aspect of the cafe as well. Although it was mostly done by our two wonderful directors, but I did have some input in it. Mostly cause I wanted it to feel like one of the most trendy cafes in the Korean cafe roads. And I think it turned out great. It’s simple, but modern and it’s got that little taste of trendiness in it as well.

It was an honour to be part of such a knowledgable team of people and to be able to have some of my design put into it was amazing. It was not only a memorable thing to do but also a great opportunity for me to keep my design senses strong and bold.