Knowing something ahead and knowing something isn’t going to be there anymore is a feeling and thought you really don’t wanna have in your mind.

I know I’m not going to get this moment back again.
I know this little monster is going to grow up really fast and this phase of being a little toddler isn’t going to come back.
I also know that I’m going to miss this phase of him being a little cutie pie.

I know so well (with Josh and Andrea) that this phase goes by really fast and that it’s a phase that is truly missed after a while. It’s like knowing you have a test on Friday but you missed out on the studying up until Thursday night and want to catch up last minute. With this little monster, everything seems to be last minute.

Pictures, videos and even parties are last minute for him. I really did feel sorry and bad cause I haven’t been keeping up with the “take pictures of the kids” thing with this little one. Josh and Andrea are just a given. I tried so hard during their toddler phases to take as many pictures as I can. But with Tyler, everything is so hard. I literally have to pull myself out of my box to do anything. Even to take pictures of him right before he falls asleep.

I know I’m going to regret not taking as much as I did for the other two kids so I’ve been trying really hard over the past few weeks to keep my camera out. It’s mostly so that I can take the camera and just capture anything at any time. But right now, it’s more like “I don’t have any pictures of you so I need to take some pictures”.

So, since I KNOW I’m going to look at these pictures in a while and miss the day I took these pictures, I decided to keep my camera out in a place a bit closer to me. A place that’s a bit handier and close.

That way, I know I’ll just go grab it and take photos whenever and wherever.