Living a New Norm

Josh has been doing online classes ever since the first week of school. Basically grade 2 started with online EBS classes and going to school once a week. Josh has been doing it since March. Andrea and Tyler both started their Montessori at home when the Government of Korea announced Social Distancing 2.5 in August.

It hasn’t been easy from the beginning. So many ZOOM classes and so many things to take care of. So many materials and so many textbooks.

Printouts and supplies. I felt really overwhelmed by everything and I still do. It’s still not easy and I don’t think I’m doing it perfectly or nicely at all. I know I’m not organized and that it’s getting harder and harder by the day but, for some reason everyone is doing their own thing at the same time and it’s somehow working.

We are all still trying to get the hang of this. Although for one person it’s been 6 months of these online classes, we’re still trying to work together and get through this. It’s still really hard to motivate Josh and get him to enjoy the content while learning. He still gives the grin and grunts about the content and EBS videos. But he does go through it. It’s most difficult when I have to take care of my kids and their education and prep for my own classes or do my own classes at the same time. Simultaneously doing all of this is just chaos for me.

It’s not hard to get Andrea and Tyler started on their daily tasks at all. They just start their day and mostly know what to do. However, I have to continuously check back and make sure they have the right materials. Andrea is pretty used to the stuff she has to do on her own so it’s okay. Tyler just wants to do everything! I sure hope they can go back to school soon. SOON.