Looking at life differently

Everyone has some kind of turning-point in life. Whether it’s religiously or just in their daily routines. There comes a time when life takes you on a different path. I had my turning point last week.

I went in for a usual and annual health check that made me go for a more thorough exam. A biopsy.

I went in for the usual examinations this time and as they were doing an ultrasound on my left breast, I saw the dark circle surrounded by a white dotted line. I knew right then. Something was wrong. I just knew. My guts were telling me that something was there.

I knew the doctor was going to call me that day and she did. She said “to be safe”, I should come in and get a biopsy. Just to be safe. But then I thought about “what if it wasn’t so safe”. What if I did have cancer or some kind of “thing” in me that needed to be taken care of? What if..?

I had so many things on my mind that I didn’t know which thought to get rid of first. I didn’t know where to start thinking about what? I was kind of just lost. I had no focus. I couldn’t organize my thoughts and concerns to figure anything out. I was just… I wasn’t me.

Then Kaden said to me that he too was lost and couldn’t do things properly. I guess we were both really worried.

However, it turned out to be just a little thing. No surgery or procedure needed. In some cases, the little calcified things disappear naturally and in some cases, it could end up being cancer. In my case, it was just little tiny calcified pieces that were together in one area, making it look like a big bump. With the thorough examination done and the biopsy, everything came out better than expected and although I have to go in again in 6 months, I feel like things will be back on track soon. I know it’s going to take some time, BUT, I know I’ll get back to being “me” again soon.