L’Oréal Professionnel PRO|FIBER Hair Treatment @SalonVIM

A few days ago, okay maybe weeks ago I can’t really remember, I started following @salonvim on instagram.

They seemed to be a HOT hair studio in Singapore.

Through their Instagram feed, I found out about L’Oréal Professionnel’s PRO|FIBER Hair Treatment.

I went to their website and found this information.


Basically what this does is, it rebuilds your hair and strengthens it from within. Not just making it strong on the outside of your hair but making it so that it goes into the hair stem and reconstructs it for a smooth and healthier look.

The stylist takes a look at your hair to determine which treatment level is fit for your hair.

Then once the process begins, it only takes about HALF AN HOUR TO 45 MINS for the treatment!!


When the product is applied, they use a COLD flat iron to help the absorption of the product. Last time I checked, my flat iron used heat. I mean it became HOT to straighten my hair. This iron that they use at the salon is a COLD iron…!!!!!!! So cooool~


I was fortunate enough to enter an Instagram contest for a chance to experience this PRO|FIBER hair treatment at SALON VIM.



Salon Vim is located at 313 Somerset, on the 4th floor. It’s beside the Billabong store.

The entrance to the salon is hard to miss.


For me, I did the usual reception registration, then was introduced to EDDY, a senior stylist for a hair trim, then the PRO|FIBER treatment.
Some of you sent me an email asking if this is available through a senior stylist only, but its not. If you ask for the director, they will book you for the director price.

(Personal opinion: if the directors went all out to give the winners this treatment, marketing wise, it would of been an over the top contest prize. This would of also impressed the public with thier brand image. However, this wasn’t the case here. I think the most important part for this was to let word out that such a thing like this exists. This is not a negative eye but just a very honest personal opinion. Please don’t take it the wrong way.)

On with the show already!! Right?!

Okay so here are my pictures!!

Here is a picture of my hair before the treatment.

And here is a picture of my hair AFTER.

Notice the super duper fuzziness of my before picture?

By using the cold flat iron, my hair was tamed and became manageable. MEANING: It had way~ less of the FUZZINESS I had before.

It was so soft and light! I was surprised! Usually if I think of hair treatments, it made my hair a bit heavy and made it just kind of lay flat on my head.

However, with this new technology, it was light  and sooooooooooooo SOFT!!!



This was during the afternoon after about 6 hours since the treatment.

Notice the less fuzz????

The great thing about this is that it lasts up to 6 weeks with the home care product line.



Since my hair was bleached, I was given the RECONSTRUCT LINE of home care products.


It came with a shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, leave in hair mask and treatment tubes that made the treatment last up to 6 weeks.


The best thing about this treatment for me was that, my hair was still soft after a WASH!!!!

Usually, after a wash, it’s hard for me to get a comb through my hair. I have to towel dry it and then apply some kind of hair oil or hair mask before I can brush it.

However, after PRO|FIBER, I was able to just brush it right after the towel drying!!!!

ANOTHER great thing was that it wasn’t fuzzy after the towel drying!!! I would usually have to leave the house sweating from the blow drying heat or flat iron, but I let it just dry naturally and it was still soft, silky and nicely tamed!!! HOW GREAT IS THAT?!?!?!


I’m a mother of two, no helper, and no daycare for the 3 year old. So I really don’t have the time to make my hair look nice during the day or most of the times that I go out. Unless it’s a day when one of the kids is taking a nap while I get ready or they are both sleeping, I just put my hair in a messy bun and leave the house! NOW, I don’t have to do that! I, too, can have nice hair…. EVEN FOR PLAYDATES!!!!!!


Thanks @salonvim for the great experience and wonderful serivce!!!